Special population nutrition serves different populations with different nutritional necessities.

Special population clusters include, but are not limited to the following: vegetarians, athletes, elderly population, youth, women, population with chronic problems such as diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, and many other populations.

Special population groups need to consult with a nutritionist, and be subject to a nutritional assessment plan, which can help them live a healthy and balanced life!

Diabetes: special nutrition plans are customized for each individual according to the case at hand, for both who exercise and those who don’t.

Hypertension: plans are customized according to the current lifestyle, medications taken, and whether exercise is incorporated or not. Following the given nutrition plan will drastically improve the quality of life, as well as improving the overall health.

Detox plans: customized for those who have hit a plateau, and cannot lose weight as before, and to detoxify the system as well to reach the desired results.

Weight gain nutrition plans: for those who are underweight, and need to reach a healthy weight according to: age, weight, and gender.


Pregnant and lactating women: specific nutrition plans are customized for pregnant ladies to ensure that healthy nutrients are provided for the mother and the fetus, as well as maintaining a healthy weight during the pregnancy. Special plans are also provided for lactating mothers.

Child nutrition: easy to follow plans are provided for mothers to ensure that their children are getting all the needed nutrients to grow in a healthy way and maintain good health, without any weight gain and to prevent lifestyle diseases such as diabetes which has become very common these days upon children due to unhealthy eating habits.

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