Help your body adapt

During pregnancy your body goes through many changes which can disrupt your daily life. While a certain amount of discomfort is to be expected, sometimes the pain can become severe. When this happens we can help.
Mothers-to-be suffer from back and joint pains, body shape changes and mood swings. also The front or back pelvic joints become misaligned which happens in around one in five pregnant women.
At Body and Beyond our Training specialists can help alleviate all these symptoms through a range of exercises designed to improve mobility and strengthen the supporting muscles.


Get to see the right person

All of our team members are briefed and understand that you must see the right person for your injury. It makes no sense going to see a therapist who is not the best person for that injury. We try and ensure you are working with the right team early on.

Team work

Our team is capable of interacting with our existing medical support staff and coaching them to ensure a continuity of care that is unparalleled. Our technology allows us to communicate seamlessly with you and your current support team to get things sorted quickly.