Are you looking for the body of your dreams?

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Personal Training… Let the experts take you to the body of your dreams!

Through a set of fitness assessments and evaluation, sophisticated training programs our skilled trainers will help you identify your training goals, break them down into SMART goals that can be realistically achieved in a timely fashion.

Body and Beyond’s professional One to One training program will help you focus on your goals away from any social, emotional or psychological distractions. You will not be compared with others on the Gym floor. It’s only YOU, your TRAINER and your GOAL.

Personal Training… Let the experts take you to the body of your dreams!


Benefits of a personal trainer.

Proper Instructions
A personal trainer provides guidance and instructions to properly and efficiently perform each exercise in your training plan.

Motivation is often difficult to maintain when you exercise on your own. Regular sessions with a personal trainer enhance your motivation to continue with a workout regimen

Another common problem is lack of commitment to a regular exercise program. When you work with a trainer, he keeps you accountable, making it more likely that you’ll stick with your training program.

An experienced trainer teaches you a variety of exercise methods, also help you to make adjustments as your fitness level improves to ensure continued progress.

A professional personal trainer is able to make the most of your workout time, which increases the efficiency of your exercise program. This is especially beneficial when you have a limited amount of time to exercise.

Get to see the right person

All of our team members are briefed and understand that you must see the right person for your injury. It makes no sense going to see a therapist who is not the best person for that injury. We try and ensure you are working with the right team early on.

Team work

Our team is capable of interacting with our existing medical support staff and coaching them to ensure a continuity of care that is unparalleled. Our technology allows us to communicate seamlessly with you and your current support team to get things sorted quickly.