Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapy – caters for the person’s entire body, mind, spirit and emotions in a manner to achieve an ultimate state of well-being and a balanced lifestyle without any medical or chemical intervention.
Holistic Approach – provides a full background identification and understanding of the problems, while providing a complete evaluation and assessment of the body systems, medical history, nutritional habits, fitness level, stress level and life style, followed by a rigorous restoration and enhancement schema, triggering body self-healing mechanism until the body is appropriately functioning at its best form.

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Cycle of Change

We are either seeking change or afraid of it, but a change towards a healthier, energetic, balanced, pain and stress free lifestyle is a change we need.
Emerge into Body & Beyond’s cycle of change! Indulge your body to enjoy a healthy and well-adjusted lifestyle! We will help you add life into years by entering a cycle of change that we created depending on all recent scientific researches that keeps proving that our body is perfect machinery that will only function at its best when you treat it as whole without overlooking any aspect that will compromise your quality of living.

Our holistic approach begins with assessing different body systems and medical history, nutritional habits, fitness level, stress level…before taking you step by step into our cycle toward a complete change in your life!

Early Intervention

An early intervention could be life changing! An early intervention could make a difference and put an end to a frequent pain or injury! No need to wait! Waiting without pursuing professional advice could possibly lead to unforeseen consequences!

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Get to see the right person

Our team of professional practitioners are certified and well trained to immediately cater for your health problems. Our competitively selected team is equipped with the skills and experience needed to provide an ultimate and unparalleled personalized health care, which fosters the clienteles’ self-esteem and promotes a positive and balanced life style.

Team work

A complete and personal healthcare solution integrating diversity of expertise in different fields allowing ease of referral and a continuity of care that is unparalleled.

Our services include








Stress Management

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Common conditions

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We offer wide variety of treatments

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    Back Pain: (Lumbar Disc, Sciatica)

    Back pain can feel life changing
    but it doesn’t have to be.

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    Neck & Shoulder pain: (Supraspinatus, Bicipital tendonitis)

    There are multiple factors that can contribute
    to the cause of your neck & shoulder pain.

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    Joints pain: (ACL, Meniscus, Arthritis)

    addressing the various types of joint pain,
    their causes and offer physiotherapy treatment.

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    Headaches and Chronic Fatigue

    We take a holistic approach to headache and facial pain care
    to deliver the best outcomes.

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    Requires effort and commitment,
    and we support you to lose those pounds and inches

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    Kinesio Taping

    Pain affects all areas of the body
    The challenge for us is to figure out what is causing it

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    Several noninvasive, brain healthy treatments

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    Stress incontinence

    Underreported condition that affects a lot of people